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Royal Oak - Charmouth The pub name celebrates King Charles II's escape by hiding in an oak tree at Boscobel, Shropshire after the battle of Worcester. King Charles II stayed at the nearby Queene's Arms in Charmouth where he failed in his attempt to find a boat to take him to France. The pub sign shows a commemoration stone in Bridport.

The pub has been owned by Palmers for several years and has seen a fair few landlords and ladys over its time.  It is now run by Charmouth local young couple Thomas and Chloe West. Taken over in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic they persevered and offered takeaways and seasonal specials while the front doors remained closed. 

Since being fully open it has been a very successful venture for them, winning taste of the west gold and several other awards for great service and atmosphere. You will always see either Thomas or Chloe in the pub and they are always keen for a chat with customers about their journey and the history of the pub!


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